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Natural Beauty

Many people today are turning to cosmetic surgery as a fast way to get a desired look instead of taking steps to enhance the natural beauty they already possess. The fact of the matter is that it is much less expensive and less painful to takes steps to enhance what you already have.

Adding mascara to the eye lashes is one method that many women use to add to the beauty of their eyes, especially women who have short or light colored lashes. The process can be messy and can also increase the risk of infection in the eyes. Another alternative to this process is the addition of extensions to the eyelashes that are made of lightweight, synthetic material and look just like real eyelashes.

Keep a potato in the fridge, in the morning a thin slice of potato on each eye works better than expensive creams to depuff and take away black circles, apparently it has something to do with the potasium.

The application of the right color of eye shadow can go a long way to bringing out the beauty of the eyes. Contrary to what many women think and practice, the eye shadow does not have to be super dark and usually a lighter color will be more attractive and complimentary to the eye. You can use an eye shadow that matches the color of your skin under the eyes to cover any dark circles that you may have.

The lips also attract a lot of attention and you don't have to have lips like Angelina Jolie to take advantage of this. There are new lip gloss products available today that make the lips look moist and beautiful. Be sure that the lipstick or lip gloss product that you wear also contains sunscreen since the lips have no melatonin to protect themselves from the sun. Lip liner is another product that can really make your lips stand out and look more full and thick.

Using the right skin care products to keep your skin looking youthful can help immensely with the overall look you are trying to create. There are many natural products today that can reduce wrinkles as well as the signs of aging. You should also practice exfoliation on a regular basis to rid of your skin of the dead cells that accumulate. By following these practices and using facial creams that contain parelastin you can keep your skin supple and reduce sagging that can occur with aging.

Sleep and water are both mega important - but so is your attitude. Keep telling yourself you are beautiful - because you are. Walk with your head up, and keep your ribcage out of your pelvis. This attitude helps you to remember that your body is beautiful, your skin glows, and you are feeling great!

It is good to take an orange than have a glass of orange juice. Vitamin C also helps in healing wounds and making the skin look good and beautiful. Dull looking skin requires Vitamin C for nourishment. It also helps if you have bleeding gums. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps the skin. Vitamin C also helps in to slowing down the degeneration of skin and organs in our body.

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